Jerry Rice showing Hoopsters who’s boss

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jerry-rice-hoopsters-jerseyI would like to send out a congratulations to sports fans everywhere. For the first time in two weeks there were zero Chicago Cubs jerseys with musicians names on the back sent in. That’s what you call progress.

This weeks batch of random jerseys had a nice mixture of hoopsters, super random NFL, and even one from the diamond. The cream of the crop, however, was from the greatest receiver of all time who out hoopstered the hoopsters.


Rocking this Jeff Conine Marlins jersey is definitely warranted considering he was a two-time All Star back in 94′ and 95′. Yes, Jeff Conine was a multiple time All-Star. I’m just as surprised as you. Rocking a jersey of a player that was on the same team as Gary Sheffield and Benito Santiago gives this an A+ rating.

Shout out to Michael Servern for snapping a pic of fellow Baconator Ryan Mackman.


Total games Larry Hughes started with the Philadelphia 76ers over the 100 games he played with them: 6. Well done hoopster.

Ever wonder who was a better shooter, Larry Hughes or Ricky Davis?

Shout out to Bacon Sports writer Michael Zerman for this gem.


This Larry Johnson Kicks jersey gets some love because of this play.

Shout out to Step Up 2: The Streets fan Adam Demarco for this find.


Penny Hardaway Orlando Magic jerseys are probably the most common jersey you’ll see hoopsters rocking and what better place to Bro it up than in Vegas.

Shout out to Chase Dawg for this find.


This Antonio McDyess Knicks jersey that was snapped at Horseshoe Casino in the Nati’ is sneaky good. McDyess only played 18 games for the Knicks, starting only 6 of them. Ball so hard my friend.

Shout out to Nick Holliday for capturing this gem.


Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a Jerry Rice Denver Broncos jersey. Rice signed with the Broncos when he was doing his victory lap but never actually played in a game for them. He wasn’t going to make the team so during training camp he peaced out. AWESOME!

Shout out to Matt Lindler for this amazing find.


The Human Joystick. One of Dante Hall’s claims to fame is that he was the second player in NFL history to return a kickoff and punt for a touchdown in the same game. Here’s a quick refresher on how baller Dante Hall was.

Shout out to Kevin Hegarty for this find.


Bob Probert. One of the greatest fighters ever. That’s a man’s jersey.

Shout out to Jack Biernacki for this find.


This Warren Moon Oilers jersey was sent in by Bill Erickson. He tweeted over, “It’s not every day that you see the 1978 Rose Bowl MVP shopping at MC Sports”.


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