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Why Energy Is My Word For 2019

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What’s your one word for 2019?

This is a question I saw in a tweet on Jan 1, 2019 from Jesse Cole. It got me thinking, and the first word that popped into my head was Energy. I responded back to Jesse letting him know, and because I put it out into the world I now have to commit to living it.

Here is why Energy is my word for 2019.

For me to make 2019 the best year of my life I need to get better at figuring out what I am putting my energy towards. Focusing on the things that are truly important vs the things that aren’t. With all the distractions in the world and requests being thrown at you this can be a huge challenge. Because of this I need to constantly remind myself of what I am focusing on. Having your energy focused on the truly important things can have a massive impact on your success, whereas a slight deviation of putting energy towards the wrong things can stunt your growth.


In Tim Grover’s book Relentless (which is one of my favorites), he has a passage that says:

Even Michael (Jordan) used to say he had butterflies before a big game. “Get ’em all going in the same direction,” I’d tell him. They’re not going away, but now you’re controlling how you feel about them, instead of allowing them to make you feel nervous. Energy instead of emotion. Big difference.

This is something that has stuck with me since the moment I read it. For 2019 to be the best year of my life I need to put myself in more uncomfortable situations. Situations that stretch me and help me grow. In those instances there is a good chance I am going to be nervous or get butterflies. However, if I can constantly remind myself “Energy instead of emotion” then I’ll be good.

I learned from two of my mentors Ed Mylett and Andy Frisella that the person with the highest energy influences a conversation. I am naturally a very positive and energetic person, so bringing energy to a conversation is something I am good at. However, I can always be better. I need to be constantly aware of the energy that I am bringing to every conversation. This can be as simple as talking to the cashier at the grocery store, all the way up to one of those growth oriented, potentially butterfly inducing conversations with someone I’ve always dreamed of building a relationship with, plus everything in between.

I always want to be aware of the energy that I am putting out too. This can be anything from on social media to what I am talking about in a conversation. I want to make an important distinction between my energy level I am bringing to a conversation, and the positive or negative energy I am putting out in a conversation. Am I talking about positive things and having positive energy, opposed to being someone who talks negatively. This is something that takes a ton of self awareness because it is not easy to avoid getting caught up in gossip or being the one creating it.

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With high energy also comes the ability to transfer energy to others. The same way hearing one of your favorite songs can cause you to dance or be in a good mood, the same rings true for being a positive influence towards others. The world is filled with so much negativity that being a positive ray of sunshine in others lives one day at a time can have a huge impact.

I also want to be aware of the energy that is around me and the energy I receive. I am a big believer in “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.” Am I spending time with people that positively add to my energy? Along the same lines, to have a positive mindset you need to control your inputs. Am I feeding my mind with things that give me positive energy, opposed to letting in crap (ex. the news, gossip, trash television, others negative energy)? I want energy that keeps me moving forward. I don’t have time for anything else.

One thing I am aware of on a daily basis is my own energy and the mindset attached to it. We all have good days and bad days, but what happens when you are having a bad day? How quickly can you change your energy and make it positive? Every entrepreneurial journey is filled with endless obstacles. It is how I respond when the times are toughest that will have a major impact on my success. Because of this setting my daily intention for my energy is a huge thing.

The way I’ve implemented this into my daily routine is every morning I go through a daily primer of 10 questions I ask myself. One of them is “what is my energy for today?” I will then write down the answer. The challenge I faced at first when doing this exercise is how do you describe your daily energy without just being vague or repeating the same thing every day? The way I did it was just by showing up every day and seeing what popped into my head. Here’s a look at my responses so far this year: great, optimistic, excited (x3), focused, bouncing, driven, curious, open, positive Costanza, good vibes, weekend hustle.


Another way in which I make sure that I live the word of Energy every day is each morning in my 10x Planner when I am writing down my goals and targets for the day, I also write down a series of words of phrases that I want to keep top of mind. One of them is ENERGY! That way I have yet another positive reinforcement and reminder of setting my positive energy intention for the day.

I am confident that not only being aware of the various ways in which energy impacts my life, but also living it in practice on a daily basis will help make 2019 the best year of my life. May your 2019 be filled with tons of positive energy and good vibes!

I’d love to hear from you. What are you doing on a daily basis to check in on your energy? Also, what is your one word for 2019? You can hit me up on Twitter @RobCressy or on Instagram @Rob_Cressy.


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