Worst Steelers Jerseys on Earth

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random-steelers-jerseysBig Ben just set an NFL record by throwing 6 TD’s in consecutive games, but that accomplishment pales in comparison to this crew of yinzers and their random Steelers jerseys. It is a who’s who of Steelers busts that makes me laugh, smile, and sick to my stomach at the same time.

Stefan Logan returned kicks like he was in a pinball machine, the Duce was rarely loose in his short time in the black and gold, Limas Sweed is without a doubt my least favorite Steeler of all time, and the highlight of Daniel Sepulveda’s career was this bone crushing hit at Baylor.


Now excuse me while I go look for my Troy Edwards Steelers jersey.

H/T: Jason Juice Poniewaz

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Rob Cressy

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