5 Things a Cleveland Fan Would Rather See Than LeBron James Win Ring #2

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lebron-james-second-ringAs a Cleveland sports fan, I have accepted the fact that LeBron James left Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach. I don’t fault him for doing it. He can do whatever he wants with his career. With the raging dumpster fire of players he was given to play with in Cleveland, I can see why he wanted to head somewhere else (not to mention the weather).

In 2008-2009, the Cavs won 66 games in the regular season with Mo Williams as your number two scorer (thanks for nothing Danny Ferry). He would never win a title in Cleveland at that rate. However, despite the fact that I have accepted the fact he left, it does not mean that I am not rooting with my entire being for him to fail. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I root harder against anyone or any team more than LeBron and the Heat.

LeBron winning another ring is just another punch to the gut for Cleveland sports fans. For me, watching LeBron win another title would be the low point of my sports viewing year. I cannot stand to see it. It would bother me so much as sports fan that I would rather see these 5 things happen than LeBron win another ring to throw in Cleveland’s face.

1. See the Steelers win their 7th Super Bowl

For some this maybe blasphemy, but at this point I’m over it. The Steelers are a much better franchise than the Browns. The Browns are not even in the same stratosphere. The Browns are a continual laughing stock, while the Steelers are NFL royalty. The number of Steeler victories I have happened to witness is too many to count. What is one more Super Bowl? At this point, I’ve come to the sad conclusion I am never going to see a Browns Super Bowl title in my lifetime.

2. Watch Michael Jordan beat the Cavs at the buzzer

Back in the days of Daugherty, Nance, and Price, the Cavs vs. Bulls matchups were always must see TV for me. I suppose his dominance of the Cavs is part of the reason I was never a big MJ fan. I will never forget Mike suspended in mid-air shooting over Craig Ehlo in Game 5 of the 89′ Eastern Conference First Round to win it at the horn. Jordan was always a Cleveland killer, but at least you always knew he wanted nothing more than to rip your heart out.

3. Watch the Cubs win a World Series

Having lived in Cincinnati for quite a while, I have seen many Reds vs. Cubs games, and I can say without a doubt, that Cubs fans are among the worst (Lee Elia agrees). Many that I come across just like to get drunk and be obnoxious. They wear Cubs gear because it looks cool, but they couldn’t name five players on the team. I’m glad it’s been 105 years since your last World Series, but I’d rather see the Cubbies fly a World Series banner than see LeBron win another ring.

4. Watch Coach K & Duke Cut Down the Nets

I would venture to guess that most people would agree with me on this one. No other fan base emits more smugness than Duke. The Blue Devils have been a symbol for arrogance ever since the days of Christian Laettner. The Cameron Crazies are annoying and don’t do much other than yell “OHHHHHHH” at opponents while inbounding the ball and invent classless chants taunting the other team. That being said, I’d rather hear Coach K’s nasally victory speech than watch LeBron win #2.

5. Watch Notre Dame win the College Football National Championship

Notre Dame: All of the smugness of Duke basketball without any of the success (at least over the past 20 years). The Fightin’ Irish are constantly overrated and underperforming. However, they are always on TV because of what they did 50 years ago. Brian Kelly might be a decent coach, but his constant yelling and red-faced antics are old and tired. It’s a real shame that they went undefeated in the regular season last year because now people claim that they are back even though they are nowhere close to competing with the SEC. Despite that, I’d rather watch them hoist the crystal football than see Lebron win another ring.






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Aaron Senich

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