Happy Early Fathers Day Dad. Here’s 3 Funny Fishing Videos for You

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fathers-day-fishing-videosFather’s Day is this weekend and everyone knows that besides banging your mom, fishing is your dad’s favorite hobby. So in honor of your old man, let’s all chug a 12-pack of Natty Ice, fall asleep next to a smelly creek filled with fish you’re never going to catch, and check out some videos that encompass everything great about fishing: drinking, sleeping, and catching the big one.

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Just when you thought that you’ve caught the biggest fish of the day a sea lion comes out of no where and not only steals your catch but also your net. Extra bonus points for the dude calling the sea lion a son of a bitch.

Fishing is a lazy man’s sport and it offers us the opportunity to drink beer, do nothing, and even sleep if we so choose. Little did this dude know that when he was sawing some z’s on the dock he’d hook a monster fish and it would pull him into the water. Kudos to him for continuing to real it in and not lose it. This video embodies everything that is great about fishing.

*This one has some less than PG language so just giving you the heads up*

Nothing like pulling the whole “tie your friends fishing line to the boat trick” and video tape him when he thinks that he’s caught the biggest fish in the world”. This is the man that everyone aspires to be. He’s Broseiden, Lord of the Brocean, and everyone should cower before his magnificence.

Happy Father’s Day from Bacon Sports.

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