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This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh getting my yinzer on. As part of the festivities I was lucky enough to attend the Friday night Pirates vs Dodgers game which featured one of the best pitching matchup’s baseball could possibly offer: Gerrit Cole vs Clayton Kershaw. The game ended up being absolutely crazy with the Pirates snapping Clayton Kershaw’s 37-inning scoreless streak en route to a 5-4 walk-off victory.

Equally as crazy was the crop of Pirates jerseys that were being rocked around PNC Park. Of course there were droves of Andrew McCutchen jerseys, including from yours truly, to go with Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco, Gerrit Cole, and the supporting cast of others jerseys. After that were the yinzer Pirates jerseys of former players good, bad, and everywhere in between.

Here’s a look at the best random Pirates jerseys from the Aug 7, 2015 matchup.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (2)

Let’s get this party started with a Freddy Sanchez jersey. Remember when he hit .344 and won the NL batting title?

random pirates jerseys dodgers (1)

Not even a giant metal pole will stop me from getting a pic of this Andy Van Slyke jersey. He’s the first player to ever sign my baseball glove, his crow hop was the best in the business, and he’s my favorite player ever.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (3)

The lone hoopster in Pittsburgh. Much love for that AI Nuggets jersey.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (4)

Jason Bay no longer gets free seats to Pirates games.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (5)

One of the true hallmarks of yinzers is there is no situation in which they won’t wear a Steelers jersey. Sure the Steelers were kicking off the preseason on Sunday and Le’Veon Bell is a stud, but this Pirates squad is one of the best in baseball. Show them some love by rocking some of their gear.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (6)

(In a Billy Madison “I’ve never seen a blue duck before” voice) “I ain’t ever seen a gray Andrew McCutchen jersey before.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (7)

This Jose Tabata shirsey was a highly questionable purchase even when he was on the Pirates. Combine that with some khaki cargos and Wilboning said shirsey and you’ve got the recipe for an All-Star yinzer outfit.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (8)

You don’t see many Tony Watson jerseys. He’s a great middle reliever but with so many studs on the Pirates you’ve gotta wonder what this guys thought process was for buying it.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (9)

**PINK JERSEY ALERT** We’ve well documented our distaste for pink jerseys.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (10)

Jackie Robinson and Sean Casey walk into a bar…

random pirates jerseys dodgers (11)

I’ve gotta give some love to this Pirates fan for rocking a Sean Casey jersey. Well done.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (12)

Good luck trying to figure out why a girl is rocking a Mike Scioscia Angels jersey at a Pirates vs Dodgers game. I’m flagging it.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (13)

He must be a fan of good defense.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (14)

Garrett Jones was a career .256 hitter with the Pirates yet had three seasons in which he hit 21 or more home runs. None the less, I still think it’s ridiculous that someone would still be rocking his shirsey. I always felt like he left more to be desired.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (15)

Freddy Sanchez getting some more love. Who knew he was so popular?

random pirates jerseys dodgers (16)

Big shout out to my boy Kevin Maines. He bought me a signed Bill Mazeroski ball as a wedding present.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (17)

I am offended by any Pirates fan that would rock a Barry Bonds jersey. I don’t know if it’s worse than wearing a Sid Bream jersey. It’s close. (Shout out to those black and gold J’s though.)

random pirates jerseys dodgers (19)

Manny Ramirez did hit a career high .322 over three seasons with the Dodgers. That’s gotta count for something, right?

random pirates jerseys dodgers (20)

There was an unusually large amount of Andre Ethier jerseys being rocked by Dodgers fans which makes zero sense. Probably the second most of any player not named Clayton Kershaw. He’s getting paid $18 million a year despite hitting .249 with 4 HR and 42 RBI last season. The year before he hit .272 with 12 HR and 52 RBI. Apparently $18 million just isn’t worth what it used to be.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (21)

Pokey Reese was the most likable career .248 hitter ever.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (22)

Another offender rocking a Barry Bonds jersey. Totally unacceptable.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (23)

Stylin & Profiln in some GI Joe looking camo and a Steelers jersey.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (24)

Ron Cey’s stats were what Dodgers fans wish Andre Ethier produced.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (25)

At first I thought it was a Davey Lopes jersey (he played 10 seasons for the Dodgers) then I realized he never played for the Orioles. I did some digging and saw that he played two seasons at the end of his career for the Astros and wore #15. That’s about as good as I’ve got.

random pirates jerseys dodgers (26)

Of course there was a Jerome Bettis Steelers jersey in the house. Big shout out to The Bus for making the Hall of Fame!

random pirates jerseys dodgers (27)

The second most prevalent jersey other than Cutch was Roberto Clemente. Obviously Roberto was the man but I was a bit surprised to see so many of his jersey. They were everywhere which speaks to the love of baseball and history that Pirates fans have.

random pirates jerseys dodgers

I end this yinzer party with a Rolling Stones 2015 jersey. Start me up baby!

If you see any random jerseys on the street make sure to snap a pic and send it over to me on Twitter @BaconSports or on Instagram @BaconSports. Make sure to use #randomjersey.

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