Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a Brett Favre Cubs jersey

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brett-favre-cubs-jerseyThis is straight offensive.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this guy’s last name is not Favre and his favorite number isn’t 4. Assuming that’s not the case then this is most certainly a custom Brett Favre Chicago Cubs jersey. My mind is blown. I feel like I just got the Nintendo Power that showed the map for Zelda but for random sports jerseys.

Putting the most famous quarterback from the Bears most hated rival on the back of a jersey is wrong on so many levels and is so Cubs fan. Cubs fans have the reputation of caring about getting wasted and partying first and actually giving two craps about the team second.

Going to the bleachers in Wrigley is just a big outdoor sports bar that just so happens to have a baseball game playing. And yes, it’s a freaking blast. However, for all the f-bombs, pink jerseys, and drunk people you’ll see there none of it is as offensive as this custom Favre Cubs jersey. I know that times are tough but damn. I’d be more OK with seeing a #40 Zetterberg Cubs jersey or sending a dick pic to some random chick that you just met at Cubby Bear than this. It’s like this guy thought to himself “I really like the Chicago Cubs, but not as much as I love Brett Favre”.

Shout out to Victor Marinier for this find. It’s most certainly one of the best and worst random jerseys ever and is definitely a jersey of the year nominee.


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Rob Cressy

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