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more-nfl-statsWeek 11 in the NFL can be a frightful time. Realizing that there are only 6 weeks of regular season action left is quite depressing, not to mention the fact that it means that there isn’t much time left for mediocre teams to make the playoff push. Cherish every moment of this NFL season before its too late. In the meantime, here are some stats to get your week started.

NFL Stats

1. The 1983 Washington Redskins forced the most turnovers in one season with 46.

2. Brandon Marshall holds the record for most receptions in one game with 21 for the Denver Broncos against the Indianapolis Colts in 2009.

3. Jim Bakken of the St. Louis Cardinals set the record for most FGs attempted in one game with 9 in a game in 1967. He made 7 of 9 FGs.

4. The highest total number of TDs scored in one game is 6 by Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears in 1965.

5. The QB that was sacked the most times in one game is Greg McElroy of the NY Jets who was sacked 11 times by the Chargers in December 2012.

6. Marshall Faulk has the highest total of two-point conversions for a career in NFL history with 7.

7. The Los Angeles Rams hold the record for most consecutive division titles with 7 from 1973-1979.

8. The Cleveland Browns hold the record for most consecutive seasons without a division title with 20. The last time the Browns won a division title was 1990.

9. The Arizona Cardinals hold the record for most consecutive seasons without a playoff win. The Cards went 51 years between playoff wins from 1947-1998.

10. The Cincinnati Bengals have the longest current streak of consecutive seasons without a playoff win which now sits at 22. Their last win was a 1990 AFC Wild Card game.

College Football Stats

1. The New Mexico St. Aggies hold the record for most consecutive seasons without a bowl appearance which now sits at 52 years. They haven’t been to a bowl since the 1960 Sun Bowl.

2. Alabama has appeared in the most college football bowl games with 59.

3. The Ball St. Cardinals have appeared in the most bowl games without winning one by going 0-6.

4. Tulsa is the smallest FBS school with just under 2,800 students.

5. The largest FBS school by enrollment is Arizona St. with over 60,000 students.

6. Ohio State, Notre Dame, and USC all share the record for most Heisman Trophy’s by one school with 7.

7. Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer has the current record for longest tenured coach at an FBS school at 26 years.

8. The last game that ended in a tie was a barn-burner of a game between Wisconsin and Illinois which ended 3-3 in 1995.







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