How to Start Working In Sports with Dan Clasgens

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In my 4th interview on How To Make It In Sports Media I talk with Dan Clasgens, Founder of GetSportsInfo.comradio host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (Sirius 210/XM 87) and ESPN 1530, FOXSports 1360 in Cincinnati. We talk about Dan’s sports media journey from launching his sports website, to paying for radio air time, to getting paid to talk about fantasy football and high school sports. 

Dan was the first person to give me an opportunity writing fantasy sports at GetSportsInfo over 13 years ago.  Dan has been a great mentor and source of inspiration to me and I hope that his story can do the same for others who dream of working in sports.

In the interview Dan and I talk about:

  • How to start working in sports.
  • What it was like early on in his sports media career, hustling, trying to find revenue, and ultimately breaking through.
  • How did Dan’s opportunity to host a fantasy football show on Cincinnati radio happen?
  • What the early days of the fantasy sports industry were like. A time when stats were often done manually.
  • Where is the daily fantasy sports industry going and is it here to stay?
  • What it was launching GetSportsInfo.com plus collaborating together on various fantasy sport projects.
  • How TriStateFootball.com exploded and became the go to source for high school football in the area.
  • Tips for people who want to work in sports one day.

At the end we also have a lightning round where Dan answers a bevy of sports questions.

Here’s an audio only/podcast version:

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