Funny tweets about Dan Marino completing one more pass to a random chick

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dan marino isotoner

dan marino isotonerAdd Dan Marino to the very long list of athletes who don’t know how to wear condoms. If you are going to be going elbows deep in some strange you’ve gotta be smarter than to rawdog that. It’s one thing to be a bro with two popped collars that is all coked out in Vegas and go full steam ahead with some club chick with no shrink wrap. It’s another to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history who has a wife and six kids and decide to practice making babies with a co-worker.

Since Dan Marino is a slightly public figure (to say the least) this has droves of people chiming in with their own isotoner, protection, and quarterback jokes about the situation. Here’s some of the funny tweets that I found about Dan Marino and his lovechild.


Rob Cressy

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