Mmm…Anna Kournikova, talking bout’ practice, and MLB Salary Trivia

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this-day-in-sports-june-7Let’s not forget why we read about sports. We live, eat, and breathe sports because we could barely touch the backboard in High School and our 40 time is measured in how fast we can chug a beer. It makes our working days more enjoyable and we all get the opportunity to put on our analyst hats, even though some of us have the credibility of a BALCO employee. Think of the Midday Cup Check as your middle of the day way to gain some knowledge about some stuff that you otherwise might not have known.

Blowing out the Candles

  • Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins. One word, FREIGHTTRAIN.
  • Happy birthday Mike Modano, possibly one of the greatest American born hockey players ever. Without Modano, half the world would never know Dallas has a hockey team. Plus, unfortunately for him he gave us one of the greatest hockey videos ever.
  • Blow them out Allen Iverson. Practice?!? You talkin’ bout’ practice? Ponder this: Would you rather have Allen Iverson or Carmelo Anthony as the star of your team?
  • Happy birthday Anna Kournikova. She’s the only reason men started watching women’s tennis.

What happened on this day in sports

  • On June 7, 1966 the New York Mets pass on Reggie Jackson and draft Steve Chilcott #1. And so it begins for the Mets.
  • This day in 1977 the Chicago White Sox draft Harold Baines. 36 years later Harold looks exactly the same and is still with the White Sox organization.
  • And on this day in 1989 the Great One wins his 9th MVP in the last 10 years. Shocker.

Totally Random Awesome Sports Video

Lets give props today to the only reason the Los Angeles Kings are still in the playoffs. Jonathan Quick.

Sports Trivia- Salary Edition (answers below)

  1. The MLB team with the highest payroll in 2013.
  2. Highest paid player on the New York Yankees that is currently active and playing, with a salary in 2013 of $24,642,857.
  3. The lowest payroll in the majors this year.
  4. Two MLB teams lead their respective divisions right now and are also in the bottom half of the MLB payroll list, name them.
  5. The highest paid team that is in last place.

Two Balls and One Strike

Two of the stats/facts below are true and one of them is completely made up. Which one is not true? (answers at bottom of page)

  1. Despite never winning a Grand Slam Title, Anna Kournikova has defeated Lindsay Davenport, Steffi Graff, Monica Seles, Jennifer Capriati, Arantxa Sanchez and Martina Hingis.
  2. Number one overall pick in yesterday’s MLB draft, Mark Appel, was a top 5 selection by the Pittsburgh Pirates last year.
  3. In Tim Duncan’s 16 year NBA career, he has only played three complete 82 game seasons.

Bacon Love


Hot girls + bacon + beer. Yes please. That’s a combination almost as good as bacon, sports and beer. You do know that we are throwing a Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration, right?

Sports Trivia Answers

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Vernon Wells
  3. Houston Astros
  4. Arizona Diamondbacks and St Louis Cardinals
  5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Two Balls One Strike Answer

2. Mark Appel was selected eighth overall last season by the Pirates (though they were not able to sign him).