Declaring the Winner of our 1 And Done NBA Playoff Challenge

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1-and-done-challenge 2First off, apologies for the delay in declaring a winner to our 1 And Done NBA Playoff Challenge. With the Blackhawks being in the Stanley Cup Final things in Baconland have been kinda crazy.

After what was one of the best NBA Playoffs of recent memory I am happy to announce that Bacon Sports own Trey Kalny took home the victory. He ended up finishing 17th overall in the nation, which is crazy impressive considering this was ran through ESPN and extended over more than 2 months. I asked Trey what his strategy was and here’s what he said:

My Klay Thompson pick the night he went crazy from downtown was huge; that’s what put me in the 99.0 percentile and I stayed there most of the tournament. Taking Chris Paul in Round 1 was big too since had they lost that game I wouldn’t have gotten to use him. I also remember I picked Manu on a good night, 93 against Memphis before he sucked for the rest of the postseason.

Essentially the strategy was to save the Heat’s Big 3 and Duncan and Parker for the Finals and hope some role players step up when I needed them (wanted to make sure I used them all if the Finals only went 5 games). But I had some strategy misfires too; for some reason I thought the Knicks were a lock for the Conference Finals so I blew some key Pacers players in Round 2: G. Hill & D. West

But more than anything, it was a lot of luck.

Trey is now the proud owner of this Ed O’Bannon signed picture.


Coming in second place was “Badger Fan 10”. If that was you then holla at me ( You won two Bacon Sports koozies.

As a friendly suggestion for moving forward with the contests we run, somewhere in your entry try and include your name so that I can give you a shout out and send you your prize. If it’s just a username there’s no way for us to know who it is.

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