This week’s medalists for Thursday Jerzday include the least likely Jerry Rice jersey ever

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jerry-rice-broncos-jersey-front-2It’s been a jorgy (jersey orgy) on the site the last few days with Lollapalooza being only one day away. We’ve got the same feeling you get right before your first fantasy football draft of the year. Like the previous weeks you guys definitely came hard in the paint with the random jersey sightings you sent in. Here’s a quick recap of our Thursday Jerzday winners from the first two weeks:

Brett Favre Chicago Cubs jersey
Hank Gathers Loyola Marymount jersey

Before we get to the medalists for this week’s Thursday Jerzday we had two more entries that were worthy of being mentioned.


Last week’s winner Kevin Hegarty sent over this unbelievable jersey montage from McDonald’s headquarters. The roster includes Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Shaq, and Kevin Durrant. Sweetness!


Rob Judge captured this yinzer rocking an Alex Rodriguez Texas Rangers jersey at a Buccos home game. The decision to rock this jersey is more questionable than gas station sushi.

And now for the medalists.

First Place – Jerry Rice Denver Broncos Jersey


Considering that most people didn’t even know that Jerry Rice sort of played for the Denver Broncos for about half a second this had to win. This jersey is about as rare as seeing a Rasheed Wallace Atlanta Hawks jersey. Well done Matt Lindler, this is most certainly a gem!

Second Place – Jeff Conine Florida Marlins jersey


It’s a tough crop when rocking a Jeff Conine Marlins jersey doesn’t get you the win but that’s the case here. It doesn’t make this jersey any less awesome because it most certainly is baller. It just means that the level of competition is higher than Damon Stoudamire.

Shout out to Michael Servern for snapping a pic of fellow Baconator Ryan Mackman.

Third Place – LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers baseball jersey


Our friend Hook from sent in this late entry that gets the bronze due to the absurdity of it. Who rocks a LeBron James Cavaliers anything none the less a LeBron James Cavaliers baseball jersey AT the Gold Cup Final in Chicago? This is worse than Dumber with Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.


Every Thursday is Thursday Jerzday and we’ll be giving away a Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl t-shirt to the best jersey pic that’s sent in from the past week. To enter all you’ve gotta do is snap a random jersey pic and tweet it to us @BaconSports or email it to Make sure you use #randomjersey.

We’ll be going to all three days of Lollapalooza so look for us rocking a jersey and holding up a golf pin that has a yellow Masters flag on top. You can’t miss us.






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