Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Carlos Garcia

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carlos-garcia-1994-upper-deck-piratesCarlos Garcia 1994 Upper Deck

The All-Star game is on Tuesday and it felt appropriate to present a Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of a former All-Star. Wait, what? Yep, Carlos freaking Garcia was once an All-Star. The same Carlos Garcia that was a career .266 hitter and hit a grand total of 33 HR’s in 10 seasons.

Back in the strike shortened 1994 season with the Buccos Garcia somehow managed to get on the squad and I think it’s safe to say that it’s because of this Upper Deck card. Garcia is showing that he is willing to put his head in another players junk to make a play and that’s something that that All-Star committee will not overlook.

Shout out to Bucco Baseball Talk for this find. 



Rob Cressy

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