Tim Tebow Jerseys The New John 3:16 Sign?

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The custom jerseys trend is hotter than Kate Upton and absolutely nothing is off limits. In the last month we’ve seen the following custom jerseys: Santa Claus, Man Juice, Lil Wayne, Jameis Winston Buccaneers, and Marcus Mariota Titans. Despite the absurdity of those jerseys none of them compare to the two custom Tim Tebow jerseys that were spotted. I can only hope that this Tim Tebow jersey trend becomes the new John 3:16 sign and they start popping up everywhere.


Up first is a Tim Tebow Rangers jersey. On a scale of Tim Tebow at Florida to Tim Tebow on the Patriots this jersey is the New York Knicks. It is wrong on so many levels, which makes it so right. The beauty of rocking a Tim Tebow jersey on a team (or sport) that he never played for is that it is guaranteed to draw attention. That’s just what Tim Tebow does. That being said, friends don’t let friends rock a Tim Tebow jersey, especially when said fan could have purchased a Wayne Gretzky or Mark Messier jersey instead.

H/T: @pghguyinva


Up next is a Tim Tebow Panthers jersey that was rocked a week ago during the Panthers vs Seahawks game. How or why this exists is beside me. At least with the Rangers Tim Tebow jersey he made a pit stop on the Jets so you could draw some loose connection with the city. In this instance I’ve got nothing, which makes me believe that this guy purchased this jersey while Cam Newton was injured and Derek Anderson was under center for the Panthers. Knowing that Tim Tebow was only one bone crushing Derek Anderson hit away from getting a phone call this overly aggressive Panthers fan decided to beat everyone to the punch and get his jersey. Either that or he’s one of the lamest Florida Gators as my number one team, Carolina Panthers as my number two team fans in the world.

H/T: @RHuebs13

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